7 Ways To Find A Water Leak

Water leaks can quickly damage the structural integrity and furnishings of your home. You might think plumbing leaks are easy to spot, but they can be incredibly difficult to detect and might not be found until it’s too late. Wondering how to spot a water leak and what to do if you find one? Here are our helpful hints on keeping your home safe and dry.

1. Keep An Eye On Your Bill

A water bill that’s unexpectedly high can indicate you’ve got a water leak somewhere on your property. Even a small leak, like a dripping tap, can waste a huge amount of water. Monitoring your bill can ensure you pick up any issues before they become too damaging.

2. Check Your Meter

Your water meter is often located near your street, or on the side or back of your house, and is the place where the water supply enters your home. You can use your meter to determine if you have a leak. Turn off all washing machines, dishwashers and taps, check your meter and note the numbers you see, and then check it once more after an hour. Any change in numbers indicate a leak.

Close-up Of Faucet With Water Drop
A Leaking Pipe

3. Note Greener Grass

Any patch of greener, lush grass, or puddles of water, could indicate a water line is leaking below the surface. If you spot marshy or wet patches near your property (that have not been caused by the weather) it could be a sign of a leak.

4. Check Appliances And Taps

If you’ve used your water meter to detect a leak inside your home, check your below-sink cabinets for any water collection. Also check your bathrooms, water heater, dishwasher or washing machine for any puddles on the floor or beneath the appliances. If you find water, turn off your water supply to the appliance and give our friendly team a call.

5. Check Your Toilet

Your toilet is a key spot for leaks. Toilets are fitted with rubber stoppers, called flappers, that prevent water from entering the bowl until you flush and these stoppers can become less flexible over time. Add a few drops of food colouring to the tank of each toilet in your home. If colour appears in the bowl within five minutes, you have a leak and your flapper will need to be replaced. Our experienced plumbers are on hand to conduct these crucial repairs.

6. Be On The Lookout For Leaks

Leaks aren’t always as obvious as a spray of water shooting from a pipe. Sometimes water can trickle slowly within walls, causing significant damage that goes unnoticed. It’s important you stay aware of signs of a leak in your home. Yellow or brown wall discolouration can indicate water leaking behind drywall while bubbling paint or bulging wallpaper is a sign your wallboard is wet. Dripping sounds or musty smells are additional signs you’ve got a leak.

7. Use A Leak Detector

If you’ve got older pipes or water heating units, or if you live in a colder climate, your pipes may be more likely to leak. Investing in a quality leak detector can ensure your peace of mind and alert you in the event of a leak. These devices emit an alarm when they detect even a small amount of water, giving you the time to turn off your water supply and have your leak promptly repaired by a professional.

Leakage Of Water From A Toilet

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