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Pre-Purchase Plumbing & Gas
Inspections Darwin

Our pre-purchase plumbing inspection can save you both money and headaches in the long run, can be scheduled easily and we have a 24-hour turnaround time.

With more than 40 years’ experience in the industry, Nightcliff Plumbing & Gas has in-depth knowledge and industry know-how. We will assess every corner of your property to ensure its plumbing systems are functioning well and ready for purchase.

Book a quote through our pre-purchase inspection team in Darwin today.

Plumbing Inspections Darwin

Purchasing a property is a very big decision and one that should not be made without care and consideration.

Nightcliff Plumbing & Gas provides comprehensive pre-purchase inspections for homes across Darwin, Palmerston, Humpty Doo and surrounding regions.

Before you make your purchase, consider our knowledgeable team!

Checking every aspect of plumbing, the qualified plumbers at Nightcliff will highlight any and all issues so you have the information required to make a decision.

This assessment includes unapproved renovations and extensions which may not comply with relevant plumbing codes.

Any unapproved building will require rectification, so it’s best that you are made aware before the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your inspection report will detail faulty or blocked sewer pipes, bad water pressure, hot water systems that require replacement, leaking tapware and fixtures, the condition of your pipes and so much more. Essentially, the report gives you everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision about the purchase.

This depends entirely on the size of the property, where it’s located and what information you are looking to learn. Taking into account the state of your fixtures, structural faults and all other aspects of your plumbing, a pre-purchase inspection is likely to cost between $250 all the way up to $1000. Call our team for more information.

Yes. We recommend having a plumbing and building inspection before any property purchase. There are other forms of inspection available, but these are the most important, as avoiding them could cost you serious money and hassle!