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We can identify the exact location of any pipe breaks or blockages using our drain inspection camera, eliminating any guesswork and making the process faster. 

You can count on our experienced team to unblock your pipes quickly and thoroughly, without any fuss. And thanks to our pipe relining technology, we can fix your broken pipes without digging up your lawn, destroying your gardens or tearing down walls.

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Nightcliff Plumbing & Gas provides full service for blocked drains in Darwin and surrounding regions. Starting with an assessment of your home, we will locate the blockage, repair it and give you the advice needed to avoid blockages in future. 

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Utilising the best diagnostic tools, we provide an in-depth assessment of your pipes and fixtures to discover the root of the problem. 

Many people are unaware they even have a blockage in their pipes. 

An issue like this left untreated can cause far more expensive issues in future, like a burst pipe that will require a full replacement.

We take great pride in providing honest assessment, reliable advice and feedback you can depend on. 

There are many things you can do to avoid unnecessary blockages and our team will walk you through the process to ensure you have the information you need when you need it.

With 40 years’ experience in region, our team will get the job done quickly and always for a fair price!

your drain is blocked

Foreign objects and debris

The rule with plumbing is that there is only one thing that should go down your pipes – water.

In the case of your toilet, human waste, toilet paper and water are the only things you can flush. Everything else has the potential to clog up your pipes and cause major problems.

That includes food scraps, grease and oil that is often tipped down the kitchen sink.

Flushing paper towels instead of toilet paper is another leading culprit, along with other toiletries and debris that can be flushed down the toilet.

Always ensure you are not putting anything down your pipes that could potentially cause blockages.

Tree roots

Because your pipes are carrying water, trees are going to want to access it.

It is common for tree roots to grow around underground pipes and even rupture them, with the roots infiltrating these pipes and causing a blockage.

Just because this problem is underground doesn’t mean it can’t be quickly and easily fixed.

There is no need for excavation, with our professional drain cleaning services, CCTV cameras can locate the roots, hydro-jetting can cut through them and pipe re-lining can repair damage to your pipes without the need to dig up your yard.

Heavy rain and storms

Underground drains are not built to handle the high volumes of water that floods bring.

When gutters and drains begin to fail, water can back up and bring all kinds of mud, muck and sludge with it.

When the waters recede, this mud and other debris like sticks, leaves and general rubbish from the street can become lodged in your underground pipes.

Broken pipes and plumbing

Even the most sturdy pipes are going to break down over time. If you have old pipes (or pipes that weren’t installed correctly), they can develop cracks and eventually break over time.

This allows dirt to flood into your plumbing system, which causes blockages that will stop water from trying to escape in its tracks.

If you can catch leaks before they turn into full-blown ruptures, it is a lot easier and cheaper to carry out repairs.

If you notice slow-running drains, hear gurgling sounds coming from your sinks or notice your toilet is slow to flush, always call our professionals to come and inspect your plumbing system.

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Blocked Drains FAQs

The most common causes of blocked drains are everyday items being flushed down the sink or toilet. 

This includes hair, grease, soap and other toiletries. Heavy rain and storms can also cause blockages, as well as the roots of plants and trees growing into your pipes. 

If you have a badly installed pipe or poor water flow, blockages will likely happen over time.

Plumbers use CCTV drain inspection cameras, as well as a host of other diagnostic equipment to detect blockages without even seeing your pipes. 

Call our plumbers in Darwin today and get your blocked drain sorted!

Some plumbers offer fixed rates for blocked drains, but it depends who you contact. 

In Australia, you can expect to pay on average $80 to $120 to have your drain or toilet unblocked. 

However, this is an estimation and not a guarantee. Do not hesitate to contact our team to have your drain unblocked.

This is not recommended. Even the household drain cleaners available from supermarkets and hardware stores contain harsh, caustic chemicals that can damage your pipes – and your skin. 

Commercial grade drain cleaning machinery should only ever be handled by experts.

There are a few ways to do this without damaging your pipes. If the earring is metal, try a string with a magnet on the end to fish it out. 

If this doesn’t work, cut the water supply and remove the bend in the piping under the sink; it may have become lodged there. 

If the earring is important or valuable, you can phone us 24/7 to come and inspect your plumbing.