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To prevent water contamination, backflow prevention systems must be checked and tested every 12 months. The plumbers we have are highly trained and experienced and are approved to perform backflow tests, maintenance, inspections, and repairs of backflow prevention assemblies.

Advanced Backflow Prevention

Nightcliff Plumbing & Gas provides full assessments, installations and testing of backflow devices to meet PowerWater requirements. Our team has more than 40 years’ experience ensuring compliance for properties in Darwin, Palmerston, Humpty Doo and surrounding areas.

Ensure your water is clean and safe for use with a backflow prevention device that is tested and calibrated to suit your needs. Our team will not only install your device, but handle all documentation, including lodgement to the required regulating bodies. You can rely on us to fulfill all manufacturer’s recommendations when completing an installation.

We will consistently calibrate your device and maintain the correct testing procedures to ensure everything is functioning smoothly. If you need installation or servicing of a backflow prevention device in Darwin or surrounding areas, book Nightcliff Plumbing & Gas today. Call for a free quote on services!

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Backflow Prevention FAQs

Backflow prevention devices stop potentially polluted water from entering your water mains. They are fitted to internal water reticulation systems and will ensure water travels in only one direction. This is especially important for ensuring you are always getting clean drinking and washing water.

Testing of your backflow prevention device can cost anywhere from $50 to $150, depending on the kind of property you have. Testing backflow is very important and needs to be considered as a form of ongoing maintenance.

Your backflow prevention device should be tested at least once a year. We can provide this service on its own or as part of ongoing maintenance of your home’s plumbing systems.