Solar Hot Water in Darwin

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Solahart &
Rinnai Systems

Nightcliff Plumbing & Gas provides full service for solar hot water systems in Darwin and surrounding areas. We supply, install, repair and maintain systems to ensure you always have hot water when you need it. Our team works with Solahart and Rinnai systems to give you the best quality at the best prices.

Leaking hot water systems can be expensive and cause serious damage to your property. Whether your system is leaking or having trouble heating your water to the right temperature, we will give you the answers you need at fair prices. From small repairs to complete system replacements, Nightcliff Plumbing & Gas will get the job done.

We ensure all installations are carried out as per manufacturer’s specifications, complying with and meeting current plumbing and building codes!

If you are looking to make the switch to a solar powered water heater, our team will assess your current property and system to provide the answers you need. Reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills today. Talk to Nightcliff Plumbing & Gas and experience the benefits of solar powered hot water in Darwin today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar hot water systems offer a range of benefits including reduced carbon emissions and lower power bills. Many people are unaware of the savings they could have by making the switch! Talk to Nightcliff Plumbing & Gas about installing a hot water system from Rinnai or Solahart today.

If your hot water is running too cold or, in some cases, too hot, you may have an issue with your system. A system leakage can also cause damage to the interior or foundation of your property—which will sometimes show as water stains. If you have noticed inconsistency in water temperature, or a complete system breakdown, call Nightcliff Plumbing & Gas

No. To install a solar hot water system, you need to be a licensed professional. Not only to comply with Australian laws and regulations, but also because experience, know-how and product knowledge is required to ensure your installation is efficient and conducted properly.