How does leak detection work?

There are many times when having a leak on your property is evident, like a burst pipe, but sometimes, it’s not so obvious. Having a leak can be detrimental for many reasons, including risking damage to your property’s infrastructure. While minor leaks are inconvenient at worst, severe leaks can also be an endangerment to life. Leak detection enables you to identify exactly where a leak is occurring if one is present. Read on to find out more.

What is leak detection?

Leak detection is the process of identifying if and where a leak is present. Leaks occur in many types of water equipment and infrastructure, including:

  • Pipes
  • Pools
  • Spas & more.

Leak detection is carried out by qualified professionals that are trained in detecting the symptoms of a leak. This is important because many signs of a leak are invisible to the naked, untrained eye. This means that a leak may go amiss if a professional doesn’t take a look.

Leak detection is:

  • Typically done via the use of specialist equipment only handled by those competent to do so.
  • Usually done within a single day, meaning your day-to-day routine won’t be disrupted.
  • A basic procedure that many plumbing companies are trained in, including right here at Nightcliff Plumbing & Gas.

If you need leak detection services, always choose a certified plumber.

How does leak detection work?

Leak detection uses a combination of visual investigation and start-of-the-art detection equipment.

The most prominent piece of equipment used is a specialist sensor developed specifically to detect any inconsistencies within the pressure, flow and temperature of water.

Any noted inconsistencies likely point to a fault in your water system or equipment, which often results in a leak.

On top of this, trained leak detection specialists can also use a range of other advanced tools that help them to discern whether the issue is due to a leak or something else. Such equipment includes pressure and acoustic loggers, which pick up vibrations in pipes from a leak being present.

Leak detection is non-destructive, meaning you won’t have to worry about paying for damages as a result of having inspections carried out.

Common Signs of Leaking

There are many common signs of leaks to watch out for. Not all symptoms of leaks are visible, but there are many other things that you can keep an eye out for.

Here are some of the most common water leak signs:

• Your water bills are higher than usual
• The water pressure is reduced
• There are water stains on your ceiling
• Your pool or spa isn’t able to hold water
• Strange noises occur within the plumbing
• Mould and mildew are present in the property
• Ceilings are sagging or peeling
• Your flooring is damaged without explanation

If you spot any of the above signs on your property, pool or spa, don’t wait to see if the issue will resolve itself. Contact a member of our friendly team to get advice and, if we think it’s necessary, arrange a call-out to inspect the issue in more detail.

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